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Vapor 230M 30″ Amber/White Light Bar


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White light for normal conditions or amber for foggy nights on the water.

  • Two switches – run white only, amber only or both
  • Combination beam
  • 90W white / 90W amber

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Boating in the dark can be challenging, especially when there’s moisture in the air. When warm, moist air moves over colder water, the temperature difference causes the air near the ocean surface to cool to its dew point temperature and saturate with moisture, a condition that creates sea fog. Seeing through this soup can be a challenge, especially when navigating around obstacles like pot floats that are a challenge to spot even in good conditions. Moisture or sea spray in the air scatters light, so your boat’s floodlights will reflect some of the light back into your eyes. White light glare will quickly overwhelm your eyes and reduce your ability to perceive and contrast what is in front of you.

Dirt+Sea’s Vapor series light bars are equipped with a row of white and a row of amber lights. Independently switched, the white light bar can be used for maximum penetration when conditions are good, and switched to amber light bar when the ocean is throwing up spray or the sea fog is interfering with your vision. Both the amber and white light bar can be run at the same time if you need the extra power, giving a gentle golden coloured light that allows you to see further.

LED Type:CREE A Grade 3W
Output:30 x 3W = 90W white + 30 x 3W = 90W amber. Nominal 180W total
Lens:Lexan polycarbonate. Tougher and lighter than glass and won’t chip, crack, discolour or haze.
IP Rating:IP68 / IP69K. Keeps dust and water out and will withstand high pressure washdown.
Case Material:6063 aviation alloy high pressure cast. Super strong, won’t crack,  resists corrosion and provides excellent cooling.
Finish:Powder coated white using premium Axalta Polymer powders. Resistant to chips, chalking and fading.
Current Draw:16.4A max. @ 13.2V
Input Voltage:9-36V DC
Weight:4.1kg including brackets
Harness Connector:Deutsch DT-P 4 pin receptacle
Electrical Protection:Under, over and reverse current protected / Radio frequency interference free
  • Vapor 230M 30″ Amber/White Light Bar
  • Cast alloy, powder coated brackets
  • Double relay / double switch harness with Deutsch DT-P 4 pin plug connector.

2 Years no-fuss warranty. Read all about it here.

Dual white and amber for all weather vision

Improve night vision when the sea fog or spray makes the going tough. Selectively switch on a single row of amber lights when the nights are foggy, or a single row of white when conditions are clear. For full power, both rows can be on at the same time.

Yellow light is superior in foggy conditions, due to light scattering. Sea fog consists of tiny water droplets  suspended in the air. When white light from standard light bars encounters these particles, it scatters in various directions. This scattering effect creates a whiteout effect, reducing visibility even further.

Yellow or amber light has a longer wavelength compared to white light. Longer wavelengths are less susceptible to scattering when they encounter small particles in the atmosphere. As a result, yellow light penetrates the sea fog more effectively than white light, allowing skippers to see more clearly.

Yellow light also enhances contrast in foggy conditions. Objects illuminated by yellow light tend to stand out more against the background of the fog, making it easier to distinguish between objects and obstacles.

The human eye is more sensitive to yellow light than other colors, especially in low-light conditions. This sensitivity means that skippers can perceive objects and details more effectively when using yellow light bars, reducing the chances of navigation accidents.

In foggy conditions, where visibility is significantly reduced, yellow or amber light is the better choice for picking your way through coastal waters. The scientific principles of reduced scattering, improved contrast, and human visual sensitivity support the effectiveness of yellow lights. These advantages make navigating safer in foggy conditions.

Engineered Tough

6063 aluminium alloy is coated with tough Axalta polymer powder to ensure long life in tough marine environments and excellent heat dissipation. All fasteners are stainless steel and the patented housing breather ensures that the moisture is eliminated by keeping the pressure inside the light at the same level as the atmosphere. Ingress protection of IP68/IP69K ensures the water stays where it belongs – in the ocean, not inside your lights.

Versatile Combination beam

The Vapor 230M 30″ Amber/White Light Bar has combination optics behind a tough lexan polycarbonate lens. Tuned flood reflectors provide a spread of light closer in for safe manoeuvring, while the spot reflectors send a focused beam further out, allowing you to pick out obstacles and objects in the water at a greater distance.

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