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FastWire D – High Beam Driving Light Wiring Harness


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Get up a running quickly with a pre-made high beam driving light wiring harness. Includes everything you need to connect up a pair of driving lights:

  • Relay and battery connections
  • Fuse holder and spade fuse
  • ON/OFF Switch
  • Two Deutsch DT plugs
  • HB3 and H4 low beam circuit quick connect adaptors
  • Fully protected cable runs.

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Get your driving lights up and running without fuss using the FastWire D – High Beam Driving Light Wiring Harness. This fully assembled wiring harness includes all you need to connect your lights safely and legally, allowing you to extinguish your forward facing auxiliary lights when you dip your headlights to low beam as required by Australian Design Rule 13/00.  The included rocker switch allows you to turn them off altogether when you don’t need the extra light. Not an auto sparky? No worries! Take the guesswork out of hooking up your lights: Dirt+Sea harnesses are designed to operate seamlessly with most driving lights or light bars out of the box. We use quality, appropriately sized wiring, relays and fuses so that your lights and your vehicle will work efficiently and safely. All joints are machine crimped and cable runs are protected against chafe by UPVC sleeves and heat shrink tubing.

FastWire = Fast Wiring

The FastWire D – High Beam Driving Light Wiring Harness is supplied complete and ready to install. Most installations are quick and easy, will take less than an hour and only require basic hand tools. You don’t need to be an auto-electrician to pull off this easy job. 

The FastWire D – High Beam Driving Light Wiring Harness features:

  • 40A relay – positive or negative switching
  • 30A blade fuse in a waterproof fuse holder
  • Ring type battery terminals – machine crimped
  • Toggle ON/OFF switch with red indicator light
  • Deutsch DT connectors for driving light connections
  • Modular H4 and HB3 headlight connectors for easy high beam switching connection. Note that some vehicles may not use H4 or HB3 headlight connectors. If you’re not sure, check with your mechanic or the manufacturer. Vehicle specific adaptors compatible with the Dirt+Sea harness are available.
  • All wire runs are fully sheathed in a UPVC protection sleeve.
  • One FastWire D high beam wiring harness with HB3 and H4 headlight adaptors
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