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FastWire J4 – Four Light Connector Cable


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A quick way to adapt a single light cable to run four work lights.

  • Four Deutsch DT plugs to one Deutsch DT socket
  • Fully protected cable runs.

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Adapt a single light wiring harness to accommodate four accessory lights with the FastWire J4 – Four Light Connector Cable. This splitter cable will allow you to run a single wiring harness from the relay, then split it closer to the front or rear of your vehicle to run four smaller auxiliary lights. Four Deutsch DT Series plugs on 16AWG wire split to a single Deutsch DT Series receptacle.

FastWire = Fast Wiring

The FastWire J4 – Four Light Connector Cable features:

  • Deutsch DT connectors for work light connections one end, Deutsch DT receptacle on the other. Connected lights should not exceed 15A total.
  • All wire runs are fully sheathed in a UPVC protection sleeve.
  • One FastWire J4 one to four light adaptor cable
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