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FastWire J2 – Two Light Connector Cable


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Quickly add a second light to an existing single light harness.

  • Two Deutsch DT plugs to one Deutsch DT socket
  • Fully insulated cable runs.

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Adapt a single light wiring harness to accommodate a pair of accessory lights with the FastWire J2 – Two Light Connector Cable. Already got a single light installed but want to upgrade it to a pair? No problems, just keep your old wiring harness in place and connect the new lights up using this handy adaptor cable. 2 Deutsch DT Series plugs on 16AWG wire split to a single Deutsch DT Series receptacle.

FastWire = Fast Wiring

The FastWire J2 – Two Light Connector Cable features:

  • Deutsch DT connectors for work light connections one end, Deutsch DT receptacle on the other. Connected lights should not exceed 15A total.
  • All wire runs are fully sheathed in a UPVC protection sleeve.
  • One FastWire J2 one to two light adaptor cable
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