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EOS V140 – 40″ Slimline LED Light Bar


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120° Spread with long-range Vision.

Designed to light up the dangers lurking in those tough scrubby roadside verges or on the edges of your favourite offroad tracks, the Dirt+Sea EOS V Series combines  a spread of light from the 120° scene reflectors with a tight spot beam and combination optics. The result is a versatile and discrete auxiliary light that matches its good looks with excellent all-round performance.

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The Dirt+Sea EOS V LED light bars take the best of the EOS series and add 120° reflectors at each end of the bar to broaden the light coverage at the periphery of your vision. Equipped with all of the usual high quality features you’ve come to expect from Dirt+Sea like Osram Oslon LEDs, 6063 aluminium alloy construction, lexan lens, case vent valve and tough powder-coating, the EOS V will be there with you when the going gets tough. Punch a hole through the darkness and keep the road verges under control too with EOS V’s carefully engineered combination beam.

  • One EOS V140 – 40″ Slimline LED Light Bar
  • End brackets and stainless steel mounting hardware.
  • One FastWire S high beam wiring harness

5 year no-fuss warranty. Read all about it here.

  • LED Type

    Osram OSCONIQ®

  • Output

    Nominal 40 x 5W = 200W

  • Colour Temperature

    5700K. Why does it matter? Read Salty's blog post on the subject.

  • Lens

    Lexan polycarbonate. Won't chip, crack, discolour, haze or self destruct on impact.

  • Beam Pattern

    Combination W I D E beam: 120° spread and 5° spot.

  • IP Rating

    IP68 / IP69K. Cross rivers, drive the Gibb River Road and wash it down with your Gernie. No worries.

  • Case Material

    6063 aviation alloy single piece high pressure cast. Super strong, won't crack, gets rid of heat and resists corrosion

  • Finish

    Powdercoated black using premium Axalta Polymer powders. Highly resistant to chips, chalking or fading. Stays black.

  • Connector

    Deutsch DT-P Receptacle (2 pin)

  • No Interference

    CISPR 25, Class 3 Compliant. No UHF, VHF or radio interference.

  • Current Draw

    15.2A Max. @ 13.2V

  • Input Voltage

    9-36 V DC

  • Weight

    2kg including brackets and mounting hardware

6063 Aviation Alloy Body

Built with the same tough materials as our flagship DirtPRO 9HD, the EOS V series uses 6063 aluminium alloy. 6063 is a high strength alloy of aluminium, magnesium and silicon that is highly resistant to corrosion. 6063 also has great thermal conductivity, making it a perfect heatsink material for high power LED modules. It is not prone to stress corrosion cracking and is a great material for the intricate cooling fin shapes found on the EOS series. These fins dissipate heat keeping internal temperatures down. The reduced temperature improves efficiency and extends the life of the light. 

Powder coated Finish

The EOS V’s extruded aluminium housing is powder coated using high quality Axalta Polymer Powders. A thermoplastic polymer powder is applied electrostatically then set using high heat, resulting in a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint, very resistant to chips, and which will maintain its colour under the harsh Australian sun without fading or chalking.

Strong Lexan Lens

The Lexan lenses used on our LED lighting range ensure crystal clear vision and a lens that will not craze, yellow, chip, or crack. Lexan is a high strength polycarbonate that is lighter and 250 times more impact resistant than glass. This makes it a perfect material for fronting vehicle lights, even better than borosilicate glass and vastly superior to the cheaper polycarbonate used in the discount lighting found at your local auto parts store. Lexan is highly resistant to acids and chemicals, such as petrol, and is the perfect material to use in applications that are likely to receive high speed impacts. 

No bolt face plate design

The single piece extruded aluminium body on the Dirt+Sea EOS V series light bars eliminates the requirement for bolts along the light’s face. This design feature helps to make the bar lighter, stronger and less prone to creating wind noise. Dust and moisture is kept out while the look is one hundred percent stealth. 

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