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DirtPRO 9HD LED Driving Lights

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The New King of The Road

Introducing the DirtPRO 9HD, our brightest ever LED driving lights and the new King of the Road. Designed and built for Australia’s wide-open outback spaces, the 9 Hyper Distance delivers a no compromise spot beam perfect for punching a path through those dark long-distance nights.

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The DirtPRO 9 Hyper Distance LED driving lights were conceived on the wide open roads of country Western Australia, where the nights can be ink black and the distances are vast. Out here in the quiet emptiness you get plenty of time to think, but when danger lurks you don’t get much time to react if your vehicle lighting isn’t up to the task. Punching a hole in the night way, way down the road, a pair of DirtPro 9HDs will allow you to take action from up to 2km away when the night throws up the unexpected.

We packaged the 9HD with everything you need and nothing that you don’t – there are no vanity pieces or unnecessary weight. We think over-engineering is bad engineering, so we’ve gone to great lengths to stay focussed on our end goal, which was to create a no compromise driving light for those roads that really need lights with power and punch. Everything is designed for performance and long life, starting with the powder coated aviation grade 6063 alloy housing, super tough lexan lens, Osram Oslon® Boost HM LEDs, solid stainless steel bracket and security mounting hardware.

Rounding out the package is a high quality FastWire D high beam switching wiring harness to get you up and running fast. If it’s there, its there for a good reason. Leave the coloured lens rings, lens filters and bracket bling for the city. The 9HD is built for the dirt.

  • LED Type

    Osram Oslon® Boost HM

  • Output

    175W producing 19,305 lumens (each, max.)

  • Colour Temperature

    5700K. Why does it matter? Read Salty's blog post on the subject.

  • Lens

    Lexan polycarbonate. Won't chip, discolour or self destruct on impact. Glass is no match for this stuff.

  • Beam Pattern

    Spot beam. We didn't compromise, you shouldn't either. No filters, just light where you need it.

  • IP Rating

    IP68 / IP69K. River crossings and Kimberley dust are not a problem, nor is your end of trip power wash.

  • DRL

    Connect the dedicated yellow wire in the harness to your low beam or DRL circuit and the subtle DRL backlighting will add to your vehicle's low beam or daytime presence.

  • Case Material

    The 9HD's housing is made from 6063 aviation alloy. It won't crack, its great at dissipating heat and it resists corrossion.

  • Finish

    Powder coated black using high quality Axalta Polymer Powders

  • Current Draw

    13.2A @ 13.2V

  • Input Voltage

    9-30V DC

  • Weight

    2.7kg each, including bracket, mounting hardware and cover.

DirtPro 9HD Dimensions
  • DirtPRO 9HD LED Driving Lights
  • Stainless steel brackets, stainless steel mounting hardware plus security bolts and wrench
  • One FastWire D high beam wiring harness

5 year no-fuss warranty. Read all about it here.

Our Brightest Ever Driving Light

Osram Oslon® Boost HM LEDs utilise the high current capability of the latest chip generation. Boost HM LEDs deliver outstanding brightness and a high luminous flux in a small package. Superior longevity and performance is ensured thanks to the LED’s robust ceramic package which allows for easy thermal management and heat dissipation.

This stable thermal behaviour allows each Boost HM LED module to operate at up to 6W.

33 Osram Boost HM LEDS


A massive 350W of LED light per pair

Oslon BoostHM
DirtPro 9HD Body

6063 Aviation Alloy Body

6063 aluminium alloy is a high strength alloy of aluminium, magnesium and silicon that is highly resistant to corrosion. Aircraft owners don’t like corrosion and neither do we. 6063 has great thermal conductivity, making it a perfect heatsink material for high power LED modules. It is not prone to stress corrosion cracking and is a great material for intricate cooling fin shapes.

Our wider heatsink design provides great heat dissipation, combining with the ceramic package LED mounting to disperse heat and extend the life of the lights.

Powder coated Finish

The light’s aluminium alloy body is powder coated using high quality Axalta Polymer Powders. A thermoplastic polymer powder is applied electrostatically then set using high heat, resulting in a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint, very resistant to chips, and which will maintain its colour under the harsh Australian sun without fading or chalking.


The bulletproof Lexan lenses used on our LED lighting range ensure crystal clear vision that will not craze, yellow, chip, or crack. Lexan is a high strength polycarbonate that is 250 times more impact resistant than glass, which makes it a perfect material for fronting vehicle lights. It is highly resistant to acids and chemicals, such as petrol, and is the perfect material to use in applications that are likely to receive high speed impacts. Rocks kicked up by road trains are no match for these tough lenses! There’s no need to use a lens cover, unless you like the look or want to keep daytime dirt and bugs away. We’ve included them anyway.

Daytime Running Light

Connect the yellow power signal feed wire to your low beam or daytime running light circuit and the entire lens is backlit with a soft white daytime running light. Or don’t, the choice is yours.

DirtPro 9HD Lens
DirtPro 9HD Breather


The highest IP69K/IP68 waterproof rating means the 9HDs are dust tight and can be safely immersed in water to a depth of more than a meter, although we don’t recommend trying it unless you drive a Unimog. The additional IP69K rating means you can safely wash off mud and dirt using a high-pressure water jet without risking water ingress or damage.

Housing Breather Valve

A high quality custom housing breather valve ensures that the pressure within the body of the light is equal to atmospheric pressure. This helps to eliminate internal condensation while still keeping moisture, dust and dirt outside where it belongs.

Precision Engineered Bracket

The 9HD’s stainless-steel bracket was designed and tested to ensure longevity and rigidity, not add unnecessary extra weight. Stainless steel theft deterrent mounting hardware completes the package and will help to ensure that the lights stay on your vehicle and keep pointing where you aim them.

DirtPro 9HD Bracket


CISPR 25, Class 3 compliant so the lights won’t interfere with VHF or UHF radio or spoil your tunes.

Harness Included

Supplied complete with a quality Australian Design Rules compliant FastWire D wiring harness with Deutsch DT plugs. Includes a DT to DT-P converter with DRL feed wire.

Peace of Mind

A no-frills 5 year warranty for peace of mind.

Gavin James
Gavin James

Bloody brilliant. I've had a lot of spotties but these are the absolute best.

2 years ago

Love the 9" Dirt Pros, the light they put out is awesome. Installation was easy and they look and feel really high quality, easily as good as the other name brands I've seen. The DRL is cool too.

2 years ago
Blake C
Blake C

Great quality lights. The give excellent lighting distance and fitting was easy. They look great on my Hilux very impressed

2 years ago
Jeff G
Jeff G
Verified ownerVerified owner

The DirtPro 9HD puts out a hell of a lot of light and the boys love driving the truck at night now. Great quality and quick delivery by the guys at Dirt and Sea.

2 years ago
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