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DIRT AND WHO? - About Us

DirtPro 9HD

Gear for the Road Less Travelled

We’re avid travellers, ocean rovers and seekers of wide open spaces. Inspired by the adventures available to us in our big backyard here in Australia, we set out to design and deliver products that can take all that the punishing landscapes and wild oceans can dish out.

To survive out there, adventure equipment must be tough and durable. Australia’s rugged environments test even the best, and anything that isn’t up to the task won’t last. Our aim at Dirt and Sea is to create a range of adventure equipment that performs when it needs to and will keep on doing it, long after the going gets tough. 

Not Just for the dirt

Dirt and Sea’s founders spend a lot of time on the ocean, sometimes in horrible conditions and in situations where good lighting could really be the difference between life and death. The range of vessel lights currently on the market is quite limited, and as soon as the word ‘marine’ is added to the description the price tag seems to triple. Dirt and Sea is developing lights suitable for 12V and 24V vessels that are designed to challenge what is currently available from the big European manufacturers. Lighting has evolved quickly and vessel lights are being left behind. We want to change that.

Vapor 210M
DirtPro 9HD Driving Light bracket

Why Dirt and Sea?

That’s an easy one, that’s where our products are at home. Sure they can be bolted onto a school run Cruiser or a flat water runabout, but our products are designed to be used in the vast,unforgiving spaces of our outback and seas. Our Salty mascot is at home in the mud and the ocean. So are we.

Adventure Goals

Our mission is to design and manufacture products that combine our love for the country and the ocean with our founder’s background in engineering and design. We’re always questioning, sketching, and looking for a better way… asking ‘what if’. Come on the adventure and start your journey with us.

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